www.Foto-Voltaik.de - Foto Voltaik Dedicated or Shared Hosting?

www.Foto-Voltaik.de resolves to the IP


www.Foto-Voltaik.de is hosted by the ISP Campusspeicher GmbH in Germany.
We found that on the IP of www.Foto-Voltaik.de 0 more websites are hosted.

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Hostname: server03.campusspeicher.de
IP address:
Country: Germany
State: n/a
City: n/a
Postcode: n/a
Latitude: 51.299300
Longitude: 9.491000
ISP: Campusspeicher GmbH
Organization: Campusspeicher GmbH
Local Time: n/a

this shows to be dedicated hosting (10/10)
What is dedicated hosting?

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www.Foto-Voltaik.de seems to be located on dedicated hosting on the IP address from the Internet Service Provider Campusspeicher GmbH located in Germany. The dedicated hosting IP of appears to be hosting 0 additional websites along with www.Foto-Voltaik.de.